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badlassrevoluti's Journal

the bad lass revolution
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this is a community for the bad lass revolution! and for promotion of all things bad lass.
badlass, bad girl designs and bad lass press are the shops where you can buy all of your bad lass revolution gear!

bad lasses and lads of the world, start a revolution! be yourself! take charge! viva la revolution!
talk about anything you want, punk shows, funny shit, things that have happened to you, whatever. join the revolution!


there are none! or else it wouldn't be anarchy! but if someone posts anything too fucked up or dangerous, you will be taken care of, if you know what i mean. just use common sense and respect one another.

post anything you like, post about your day or what you're into, introduce yourself, have fun, post your writing or art work, chat with memebers or the revolution and become friends. we're all in this together. through fashion, fiction, non-fiction, writing, art and msuic, we will take over the underground!

join in, be part of something dead cool and fun!