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so far two copies of the book have been sold - one of them was bought by me though, so it doesn't really count. still, i am excited to see how it turned out, to see it in print. it's always exciting to see something you've written come out like a real book - well, to be a real book. i worked so hard on that project - i put a LOT of hours, days, months into it and i'm hoping that it will be able to help someone someday to read it and know that they're not alone.

it goes down many roads - alcoholism, eating disorders, self harm, depression, suicide, etc. sometimes the writing is very brutal and somewhat graphic, but it's my thoughts, my words, my poetry and prose - exactly what i was thinking and my train of thought was sometimes somewhat battered and awkward, drugged or just lost, but it is all true and all real, it's all me. and if someone out there can connect with it and cling to it or learn from it, than i will have lived through all of this for a reason - not just as a messed up learning experience for myself, but as a way to help someone else through my own pain and triumphs, to show even one person out there that they aren't alone. that, i think, is something that everyone needs - to know that they are not alone and that someone else out there has gone through what they have gone through and is there to tell the tale.

maybe it will help you - maybe it won't...but i hope that you will read it.
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